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Cross to Bear single

featured on Adobe and Teardrops Podcast

Now available from Paradiddle Records

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Alternate Route Reviews Better Angels​


Mike Meehan and the Lucky Ones

(from the album Better Angels E.P. available on Paradiddle Records)
Beating the odds is life-affirming, and that is the take home message in the songs of Mike Meehan and the Lucky Ones on their recent release, Better Angels E.P. Raggedly Rock’n’Roll soundtracks the stories of Mike Meehan and the Lucky Ones as Better Angels E.P. follows the taillights of a love full of lies watching “Mirabel” head into the night while the band counts out nuggets of fools gold to buy back a little heart with “Ghost Beneath the Lonesome View”.
Raised in Texas, Mike Meehan calls New York City his homebase, surrounding himself with an array of East Coast musicians as The Lucky Ones. The Roots of the band rise up from the guitar jangle as they offer a parting gift before goodbye in “Swan Song” as they carve an edge into the twang of the title track while its lead characters ponder the future in the chorus of ‘better angels watch in dismay, better angels wonder if its too late’.

 Sept 18  Review from Adobe and Teardrops


"Kicking off with "Man on a Wire," a  Johnny Cash-inflected ballad of tough knocks, Better Angels barrels through some serious miles. Meehan's delivery cuts straight to the core of the song, whether he's freewheeling in "Man on a Wire" or cutting himself loose on "Mirabel." Better Angels is the kind of balm we all can use."

APR 1 Good Times Magazine Review

"the music bears the rootsy dna of the Last Hombres...the very sound that made Levon Helm want to join a dark, endless highway dotted with raucous roadhouses and hard luck towns..."

Ed Snyder,Good Times Magazine

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